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3 Seater Lounges

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3 Seater Leather Lounges: The Right Style For Your Home

When you’re gearing up to shop online, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure your purchase fits the bill perfectly. In particular, if you’re looking for a new lounge, we recommend assessing the space you’re working with and measuring up the area size. From there, observe the colour palette. From there, you’re ready to head straight into finding the ultimate lounge for your room.

Leather or Fabric? Not sure what texture and material to opt for?

Tossing up whether to buy a fabric or leather lounge comes down to those frequenting your space and the purpose of the piece itself. For example, if you have kids, we recommend opting for soft fabrics for comfort reasons. However, if stains may be an issue, leather lounges are easy enough to wipe down with dedicated products.

If you prefer a more formal style, opt for lounges that can easily blend with other styles of decor. For example, if you love contemporary design but also enjoy classic styling, a modern-style fabric sofa could work well in your space.

Our Stylish Leather Lounges Lift Your Interiors

If you’re looking to add leather furniture to your suite, this hard-wearing and long-lasting material is ideal as it:

  • Guards against spills and most stains
  • Speeds up cleaning and maintenance
  • Grows softer overtime for prolonged, comfortable use
  • Hair and fuzz resistant
  • Provides protection against mess from little ones and pets

Our Stylish Leather Lounges Lift Your Interiors

1. Measuring up the area: Look at the area you want to place your new couch or recliner in. Will it need to fit around existing furniture, or are you open to rearranging? Once you’ve plotted a floor plan, check all dimensions required. Make sure there’s enough free space for walking.

2. Look at existing colour palettes and design: There’s plenty of options to choose from on the market, so coordinating your existing interiors is important.

Look at your expected final colour palette – how will the new furniture complement your overall design? An off-the-wall space might easily accommodate a bright colour, whereas a rustic space may be better suited to earthier tones.

3. Consider daily use: If you have children or pets, you’re well aware of the mess they can create. Leather is a strong, durable, tear-resistant material. When kept clean and maintained well, these sets can last beyond ten years, even with regular use. Before making your purchase, consider the likely use your pieces will get and the kind of material that will best stand up to it.

4. Accessibility: Do you have elderly family members, small children, or visitors with different physical abilities? If so, you’ll need to consider the accessibility of the design.

Shopping Online For Lounge Sets
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