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Our History

Where it all Began

Nathan Brisblat followed his future wife Gillian to Australia nearly 45 years ago. He brought with him an appreciation for authenticity, love of quality and a strong desire to build something special.

Nathan Brisblat spent his early years travelling in the markets around the Mediterranean and always had an eye for the unique. While water skiing on the Sea of Galilee in 1972 he met Gillian Louise Olsen, a girl from Australia. The couple had an instant connection and eventually Nathan followed Gillian back to Australia.

He arrived in 1977 with $200 in his pocket and a strong desire to build something special. Working on a salvage mission after the Hobart Bridge Collapse Nathan saved the money he earned to fund trips abroad, seeking unique wares to bring back to Australia to sell.

Channelling his entrepreneurial spirit, Nathan sold his wares to local businesses, travelling in a van filled with handmade pottery, ancient glass jewellery, copper pots and unique items he sourced on his travels. The idea to open a furniture store came about from a sales call to a store selling recycled timber products. Nathan fell in love with the unique quality of the product and the idea for Eureka Street Furniture was born.

The first Eureka Street Furniture store opened in Brisbane in 1986 on the corner of Kelvin Grove Road and Eureka Street. Nathan and Gillian filled the store with quality crafted, solid timber pieces. Nathan worked in the store making sales and delivering furniture, still from the back of his van, while Gillian handled the admin and, as the business grew, she employed the staff needed to assist with the expanding business.

Most of the furniture sold at Eureka Street was constructed from recycled timber taken from popular Brisbane landmarks including Brett’s Wharf, the Rialto theatre in West End, Roma Street Railway yards, and the Coca-Cola factory. The old-world timber carried with it the story of its origins and offered a stronger timber that would last generations.

Today, Eureka Street Furniture has grown into a trusted household name, with stores from Cairns to Canberra. Although this family-owned business has remained true to its ethical origins, still utilising recycled timbers in many of its ranges, Eureka Street Furniture now boasts a wide variety of modern, traditional and contemporary products.

The family still search the world for unique pieces, always aiming to give their customers the best possible quality, value and service. There is truly something for everyone at Eureka Street Furniture.

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