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Novara Single Recliner


Experience the epitome of relaxation with the Novara Single Recliner. Crafted from luxurious Split Leather, its sophisticated design boasts soft padded arms and a supportive high-backed structure. Effortlessly unwind as the angled high backs provide unparalleled comfort and support, making it your ultimate relaxation companion.

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General Furniture Care & Warranty Info: When investing in quality furniture from Eureka there are several key things you must do to ensure that your products stay with you for years to come.

Eureka furniture is built to last, therefore the use of products to keep the leather supple, the timber conditioned and the fabric free of stains is vital.

Visit our Product Care pages for more detail on how to care for your particular product / material.

Leather care: Leather is a natural material, known for its beauty and overall durability. Properly maintained leather should last longer than most other materials. There are several products available to help with maintenance, including leather protection and extended warranties.

For specific tips on how to care for your Leather product, see below or read our Leather Care guide.

  • Wipe over leather regularly with a damp, soft cloth.
  • Clean the leather regularly by dusting and vacuuming, ensuring all gaps between cushions are dirt free. Dirt can scratch the surface of the material
  • Condition the leather regularly (every 3-4 months) with a leather conditioning product. Pay special attention to areas typically exposed to bare skin, hair, or clothing
  • Keep leather away from heat sources and direct sunlight, as this can cause damage over time
  • Do not use any household cleaners. This can damage the finish on the leather. Only use genuine leather cleaning products
  • In the event of a spill, clean straight away. Carefully soak up the spillage by gently ‘blotting’ with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth. If it stains, consult a professional upholstery cleaning company
  • Keep any sharp or abrasive objects away from the leather (this includes pets!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: leather can be damaged by several chemicals and fluids, some of which are not directly applied to the leather and might not be immediately obvious. Examples include:

  • Hairspray and other hair products
  • Deodorants and perfumes
  • Moisturisers and other skin care products
  • Human bodily fluids INCLUDING perspiration; especially if user is taking certain medication (i.e., heart medication).

Generally, these issues will arise in certain expected areas. Avoid these issues by regularly cleaning and conditioning your lounge, and/or using throws/blankets to cover areas where the most exposure occurs (arm rests, head rests, seat cushions).

Any damage to leather that appears to have been caused by these chemicals/fluids is not covered under warranty. 


Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

Lounge care: Like any furniture product, your new lounge will require care to ensure it remains comfortable and looking beautiful for years to come. Over the first few months of use, you may notice the polyurethane seat foam start to soften – this is normal and should eventually stabilise. Every lounge will wear differently, depending on its intended use.

For specific tips on how to care for your lounge, see below or read our Lounge Care guide.


  • Ensure to rotate/reverse/flip any seating cushions (if applicable) to ensure even wear of the cushions. If this is not done, the foam will likely pool or drop sooner than intended and result in reduced comfort.
  • Use fabric or leather protection to ensure any spills are easier to clean
  • Use appropriate cleaning products to keep your lounge looking fresh and tidy


  • Avoid placing your lounge in direct sunlight as this will cause fabrics or leathers to wear & fade
  • Do not machine wash your covers at home. Always use a professional cleaning service
  • Do not pull loose threads – always cut them
  • Do not allow pets or sharp objects near your lounge
  • Do not sit or rest on the arms of a chair or lounge – they are not designed to support excessive weight


Just like any mechanism or moving part, recliner mechanisms are susceptible to wear and tear. Try to avoid excessive use or ‘rough’ manoeuvres.

When extended, leg rests are not designed to support excessive weight. Try to keep weight evenly distributed, to avoid bending or warping over time. Do not allow children to play on motion sofas and armchairs. Before using any of the mechanisms ensure the person using the chair is correctly seated. Precautions should be taken by people with lumbar medical conditions and/or pregnant women.

Recliner mechanisms are covered by a 3-year warranty on the structure. This excludes moving parts, such as handles, triggers and hinges; all covered by a 1-year warranty (unless stated otherwise).



Plump the feather cushions for longevity and to keep the sofa looking full and create consistency in comfort. There are several ways to achieve this. One method that works well is simply dropping the cushions on the floor, face side up. This will put air back into the feathers, get them moving and create a full look.

Throughout the cushion’s lifetime, it is common to experience feathers coming out of the cushions. This is completely normal and can be rectified with regular vacuuming.


Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

Warranty Period

Fabric, cushions & foam: 12 months
Mechanisms: 3 years
Frame: 5 years

View our Warranty Information for full list of coverage & exclusions.



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Estimated delivery: 1-3 weeks. Delivery estimates vary based on delivery location

Delivery lead times are estimates only for Brisbane Metro. If your location is regional to Brisbane please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive

In most cases, products will arrive to our Brisbane warehouse within the quoted lead time. If there are any changes to lead times, we will always let you know as soon as possible.

See our policy for lead times here.

51 kg
960 mm
1000 mm
960 mm



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